Planets' Path

Planets' Path

Who wouldn´t like to fly from one end of the planet-system to the other, including a trip around each single planet? In Göttingen you can do this in less than an hour!

Imagine you are 2 million times smaller now. You start at the sun, which is situated right in the Goetheallee near the railway station. If you follow the instructions given below this 'sunny start', you can visit the eight planets, as well as the mini-planet Pluto, all placed in the 'right' order and (relative) distance from the sun. Pluto, the last planet, is so far away in the real planet-system that it had to 'go' outside town, into the town's forest, where you'll find it near the famous Bismarck-Tower. It´s a good idea to bring a bottle of water with you, because after walking through the city the way goes uphill.

While resting at a planet, you can read interesting information. When you arrive at the end of the 3 km long way, you follow the way up to the horse-farm "Kehr", then turn to the right and you will find a nice restaurant, the "Jägerhaus". There you can relax, eat and drink . 500 m away you can see a bus station and buses taking you back to the city centre.

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